How to perform CPR on a baby

Knowing how to perform CPR on a baby is an essential first aid skill. There are lots of reasons why a baby might stop breathing including respiratory diseases (asthma etc.), choking on foreign objects or food or sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore its important for everyone to know how to perform CPR on a baby.Baby CPR

The principles of delivering CPR are the same for babies as they are for adults. We need to deliver effective chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep oxygenated blood moving around the body before the arrival of advanced medical help or a defibrillator.

However there are a few key differences which you should know about:

1) Never shake a baby to check for a response. Instead you can gently flick or tap the bottom of their foot

2) Do not tilt the head back forcefully to open the baby’s airway. This can actually close off the airway or cause further injuries. Instead you should bring the head into the neutral position

3) When delivering chest compressions you should only useĀ two fingers in the center of the baby’s chest

4) When delivering rescue breaths you only need to use a ‘puff‘ of air (as much as is in your cheeks). Rescue breaths on a baby should be delivered by placing your mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth.

The following video from the British Red Cross has a great demonstration of how to perform CPR on a baby.

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