Top Five Advantages of First Aid Training

Many of us keep a first aid kit at home or in the workplace. But, if an incident were to happen, would you know how to use it?

Whether in the workplace, public, or at home, accidents happen. In fact, 8 out of 10 parents admitted they would not know how to administer basic first aid to save their child.

While that is a scary thought, knowing first aid eliminates any panic in the event of an accident. It also gives you the confidence to help save a life before professional medical help arrives.

Knowing first aid benefits you, your employer, your family and anyone you may come in contact with. Investing just a few hours of your time to learn first aid can make all the difference and you can even take the course online.

Here are five reasons why learning first aid is beneficial.

Save Lives

When an accident happens every second counts. Therefore, administrating first aid can literally be the difference between life and death.

First aid also impacts a person’s recovery. It can determine the difference in short-term or long term disability. For example, the human brain can only handle roughly six minutes without oxygen. So, performing first aid as soon as a person loses consciousness is vital for their survival and prevents any deterioration.

Relieve Pain

For minor injuries, knowing how to relieve pain may prevent someone from having a panic attack. Staying calm and providing emotional support is actually an effective form of pain relief.

Moreover, a person trained in first aid will know how to move someone physically. That way, the person’s injury will be supported allowing you to administer any dressing or bandages that may be needed.

Communication with Emergency Services

Relaying information to the emergency services about how the accident happened and what injuries were sustained is vital. By providing this information, the emergency services will have a better idea of what form of action they should take next.

The information you provide also plays an important role in someones next course of treatment and their recovery.

Increases Safety

Learning first aid makes you more susceptible to identifying potential hazards. You can also help people become more aware of their surroundings and help them identify any possible risks.

Being trained in first aid helps you take care of yourself, your family, your colleagues and your community.


We never know what is waiting for us right around the corner. Sadly, accidents can occur anywhere and at anytime. Whether someone has been knocked over by a car, had a heart attack, or is severely bleeding. Whatever the emergency may be, you will be fully equipped to provide them with immediate medical attention.

Having first aid training allows you to be prepared for any sudden medical scenario you may find yourself in.

Not only does being trained in first aid give you confidence, but it also makes you feel empowered. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone in distress and saving their life.

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