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Here at we provide free CPR and first aid practice exam questions. Our free practice tests are a great way to develop and revise your knowledge of lifesaving first aid skills.AHA CPR Exam

Do you have a first aid exam coming up? Why not try revising with these practice questions covering CPR and first aid!

Practice CPR / First Aid questions

In your Primary Survey, How long do you check to see if someone is breathing?

a. Up to 10 seconds
b. Up to 6 seconds
c. Up to 60 seconds
d. Up to 8 seconds

What is your action plan for managing an Incident

a. Emergency Aid, Make Safe, Assess, Get Help, Aftermath
b. Make Safe, Assess, Emergency Aid, Get Help, Aftermath
c. Make Safe, Assess, Get Help, Emergency Aid, Aftermath
d. Assess, Make Safe, Emergency Aid, Get Help, Aftermath

How often should you record a casualty’s level of response?

a. Every 10 minutes
b. Every 5 minutes
c. Every 2 minutes
d. Every 12 minutes

How much Oxygen is in the air we breathe in?

a. 6%
b. 21%
c. 16%
d. 11%

How long should you blow into the mouth during rescue breaths to ensure full inflation?

a. 4 seconds
b. 3 seconds
c. 2 seconds
d. 1 second


Which of the following is NOT a sign of an asthma attack?

a. Panicking
b. Shouting
c. Noisy breathing
d. Unconsciousness

The abdominal thrust is used in the First Aid treatment of someone suffering from

a. Asthma
b. Strangulation
c. A diabetic coma
d. Choking

In an emergency situation when you may have to move a casualty, what is the correct technique?

a. Bent back, legs strait, feet together
b. Back straight, feet apart, knees bent
c. Back Straight, feet together, knees bent
d. Back bent, feet apart, looking down

Your patient has broken glass firmly embedded in a wound. You should:

a. Remove glass and cover wound loosely
b. Leave glass in place and apply direct pressure around the wound
b. Remove glass and bandage wound tightly
d. Use direct pressure

Your patient has stopped breathing, what should you do first?

a. Call an ambulance
b. Take deep breaths
c. Start chest compressions
d. Start mouth to mouth

If blood continues to seep onto the surface of the bandage you should:

a. Apply a further dressing over the original
b. Remove bandage and redress
c. Remove bandage and apply indirect pressure
d. Apply a tourniquet

What is likely to have caused an incised wound?

a. A knife
b. Barbed wire
c.  A bullet
d. A nail

Which should be used by a First Aider to clean a wound?

a. Soap and water
b. Antiseptic cream
c. Disinfectant
d. Water

Your casualty has a weak rapid pulse, pale skin, is cold and clammy, what do you suspect?

a. Shock
b. Asphyxia
c. Angina
d. Stroke

Upon discovering an accident your first priority would be to:

a. Reassure casualty
b. Ensure all equipment needed is available
c. Take names of witnesses
d. Ensure safety

From which internal organ is bleeding most likely to remain concealed

a. Lung
b. Spleen
c. Bowel
d. Kidney

Your patient has watery blood leaking from their ear what would you suspect is wrong?

a. Concussion
b. Compression
c. Stroke
d. Fractured Skull

As a First Aider which of the following would you do to treat a sprain?

a. Keep the injury low
b. Gentle massage
c. Cold compress
d. Warmth

How would you treat a burn?

a. Remove charred clothing from it
b. Burst any blisters
c. Apply burn spray
d. Place under cold water

What do you think is wrong with a patient who is staring blankly, not responding, making twitching movements and is fiddling with his clothing?

a. Minor epileptic seizure
b. Major epileptic seizure
c. Stroke
d. Diabetes

Your patient is suffering from a ‘compression’ head injury. Which set of signs would you expect to notice?

a. Pale, cold skin and rapid pulse
b. Pale cold skin and slow pulse
c. Flushed hot skin and rapid pulse
d. Flushed, hot skin and slow pulse

What do you think is wrong with a patient who is wheezing, having difficulty breathing out, and is weak and distressed?

a. Heart attack
b. Asthma
c. Anaphylactic Shock
d. Stroke


  1. a
  2. d
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. b
  7. d
  8. b
  9. b
  10. a
  11. a
  12. a
  13. d
  14. a
  15. d
  16. b
  17. d
  18. c
  19. d
  20. a
  21. d
  22. b


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