What is First Aid And Why is it Important?

Every day, people go through their daily routines, not knowing what a day may hold. Things can happen when we least expect it, but the key is to be prepared for anything that may come.

First aid is what allows you to help someone who has been hurt or injured in some way, shape or form before the arrival of EMS or other medical aid. Knowing what first aid is and how to use it equips you with the necessary tools to survive. What do you do if you encounter a minor injury, or perhaps you witness someone who gets a punctured wound, laceration or broken bone? You may be at your job, school, grocery store, or maybe just out for a walk. Well, understanding first aid is the first step to knowing how to handle the situations that may occur.

To understand first aid is as simple as brushing your teeth and it will not take as long as you might think. The knowledge you attain with first aid can result in treating a simple cut to possibly saving another person or animal’s life.

There are many parents who teach their children how and what to do if something happens that requires first aid. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few young children who have saved someone’s life, because of what their parents taught them. They reacted quickly and acted on what they were taught to do and became heroes.

We may be thrust into a situation where a stranger may need our help in some way. And this happens far more often than we might realize.

Become First Aid & CPR trained

If we are trained properly, we can use the skills we have to perhaps save a life or at least calm the nerves of a person who is injured.

Make it a family event, and take your children with you to your local fire department where you can all learn basic first aid. The firemen and women are very good with demonstrating first aid, especially to children. They love doing it, too. You never know what you might need, so equipping your children with the knowledge at an early age is a very good idea.

You will also want to realize that first aid is not limited to those who are young. Elderly men and women are also able to learn first aid techniques as they might find themselves needing to fix up grandchildren in their care.

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